Dive 1 Policemans Corner

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August 1, 2018

Policemans Corner

Siaba Besar Island

Last day of diving today. We started with a ‘newly discovered’ dive site called Policemans Corner (don’t know why). It was a different type of dive as there is a very deep large hollow – formed almost as though there had been a big cave and the roof fell in – so one is left with a sloping reef and then an overhang with deep sided walls going down to say 49 – 60m before reaching the seabed (not that we got that deep!) The lip of the overhang dropped down to 34m from about 18. Don’t have a dive map for this dive.

Mike exploring the overhang

We dropped into to the upper end of the hole (timed for minimal current), and aimed for a dark cleft (18m) in the reef which led to the walls lining the hollow. We then made our way along the walls and under the overhang to about 34m exploring the hollows with our torches to see what was there. We leisurely retraced our swim under the overhang before moving up onto the shallower ledge to preserve our dive time and air.

Good call of Andy’s to use Nitrox (29%) on this dive so we could descend to an operating depth of 37m. Still needed to keep a close eye on our deco time to ensure we didn’t need to have a decompression stop.

Nudi Goniobranchus (curled up)

Mike was in charge of filming and camera work, got good sightings of a large purple frog fish, a couple of nudis, a giant encrusted oyster, a trigger clownfish. Photography was not easy as the light was flat, there was quite a lot of slough and our bubbles were trapped under the overhang. However, the dive was stunning and really special. I enjoyed shining my torch onto the rock walls to light up the colour of the marine growth. Also seeing the small fish silhouetted against the lip of the overhang as we looked up to the surface from deeper waters was lovely.

Dive 2 Rinca (Waninulu) Island muck dive

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August 1, 2018

Wainilu muck dive

Komodo island Wainilu

For our second dive we motored down to Rinca Island and close to our overnight mooring did a muck dive.

The water was a bit green when we got in and it took a bit of getting used to seeing in the light. Notable sightings included:

  • a cuttlefish swimming
  • a fire urchin
  • a variety of nudis (pichuchu)
  • cow fish of various types
  • juvenile male striped eel

Nice relaxed last dive, just enjoyed being in the warmer waters of Indonesia.

Wainilu Muck Dive Map

Komodo Dragon spotting – Rinca Island

After lunch we took the speedboat to Rinca Island Ranger station to look for Komodo Dragons. This is the mating season for the dragons and so a lot of them would have been in the more remote areas of the island and the only ones we saw were round the ranger station. However it was good to see them and a couple of the smaller ones were more active whilst the larger ones lay spread on the ground to soak up the warmth of the sun. Not something however I would rush to repeat.

We did a medium walk in the area around the station, saw a couple of water buffalo, some monkeys and enjoyed being on land looking at the trees. Last treat of the afternoon was sitting on the boat deck enjoying a beer, watching the sunset with all our new friends and listening to some great music by Kings of Convenience. What a holiday.

Duyung Baru

Here is a link to my UTube video Komodo Day 6 . See below a compilation of photos from our dive, click on play to continue