Sunset over Flores Sea

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July 20, 2017

Sabayor Kecil

Sabayor Kecil

The team (Andy, Yano, Prem, Jane, Jax, Bretta, Frank)

First day of our liveaboard on Duyung Baru liveaboard site. Yani picked us up from Golo Hilltop Hotel hotel site where we had spent the last couple of days chilling out and we were happy that the other 4 guests (Jane, Prem, Frank and Bretta) had all arrived without delay so we could leave the harbour and motor out to the borders of the National Park where we were overnighting (Sebayor Kecil)

View from Golo Hilltop Hotel

Very relaxed start to our trip and Andy the divemaster was very professional (but still relaxed and friendly) in briefing us on the boat, the dive systems he runs and our shakedown dive. Mike and I had the least number of dives and I was a bit nervous for the first dive even though we had just spent 4 days in Padangbai. What was good is that I could also benefit lots from diving in a small group in this environment (strong tidal currents, deep dives, managing my air, lots of ‘great’ distractions i.e. fish, corals etc)

Dive time 53 min, 25m, 28C (5mm wetsuit was a bit too warm), 9kg, visibility 40m

Dive map of Sebayor Kecil

The conditions were perfect, calm waters, very little breeze, no current and bright sunshine with great visibility. The dive itself was very pretty, along a steep rock bank covered in coral with a multitude of tropical fish (mostly small but some large ones as well). This area seemed very healthy as although there was broken and dead patches of staghorn coral there was also fresh (bluish) young staghorn coral growing through the debris. Notable sightings included

  • flat head crocodile fish in a coral bowl
  • juvenile bat fish
  • large yellow nudi
  • eel being cleaned by a couple of blue cleaning fish
  • giant clam

Only a few photos as I did not want to get distracted by the camera but just relax into the dive, check my weight etc. Had a bit of a struggle getting down with the same weight I had in Padangbai so needed an extra weight from Andy. Must be down to the warmer waters. Good tip cto soak my wetsuit before I go in as it is acting like a semi-dry.

It was Andy’s Birthday today so we were lucky to be treated to chocolate cake on returning from our dive. Sat on the sun deck watching the sunset and drinking Rooibos tea passing the time of day with Prem and Jane.

Here is a link to my YouTube video Komodo Day 1 . Below is a slide show of some photos press play to see them