Jax enjoying a beer relaxing at (wild) campsite in Sawtooths

The last two days have been really challenging emotionally. We decided to can our trip to Yellowstone as well as the Teton Crest Trail due to super abundant snow still lying on the trails at higher altitudes combined with very high creek runoffs due to the above average night and day temperatures that are currently being experienced meaning the snow pack is melting quite quickly. The worst of both worlds!

Anyway we thought the Sawtooths would be a good alternative and when we got here and were able to chat to some locals it became evident that there are more options but you have to plan carefully due to the swollen creeks and the snowpack is very soft meaning that snowshoes are needed. The one item of kit we failed to bring!  Fortunately REI is having a sale on winter kit so we have been able to pick up a couple of pairs of MRI snowshoes for about $250.

After many twists and turns we have now got a broad brush plan, spend the next 4 days round Sun Valley in the southern Sawtooths doing a day hike and some backpacking. Then head to Driggs for a couple of days to see Clayton and sort out our admin before heading back to the Northern Sawtooths for some backpacking (with new snowshoes) before heading down to Nevada to hike the Ruby Crest trail.

This morning we spent sorting out our kit for our backpacking (so glad I had already dried all our meals) and now Mike is working on culling the immense amount of video we shot in Arches and Canyonlands before turning it into a short film. Not an enviable task! Pizza calls shortly at Papa Bruno’s.