Meadow filled with bilberry bushes on trail down to Siviez 

Last couple of days of our holiday in Switzerland and we decided on a cycle and a hike on 2 favourite routes.

Mike said that the discovery of our Swiss holiday this year was the cycle from Pracondu down to Iserables via Condémines and then back – uphill. So this had to be our cycle selection. We had a beautiful day for it and took our time admiring the views down the valley at various vantage points. Saw a beautiful large buzzard/ red kite fly up from the track across our path as we came down through the woods into Condémines. Very special sight.


Had a coffee at the local restaurant in Iserables we frequent and then it was get the legs working for the uphill section. We stopped for a cheese and jam sarnie at a picnic bench on the way up where there was an information board providing pictures and details of archeological finds in the area from the time BC! Great to read.

Mike spent the afternoon cleaning the bikes whilst I did other odd jobs to help close up the apartment and ensure we could have a day out in the mountains today.

We agreed to hike the ridge line from Dent du Nendaz. Feasted on bilberries which were ripe and very tasty on the way up. Had the Dent to ourselves which was very nice. Likewise for the ridge to Plan de Fou. We had decided not to go all the way to the lift station but descend via the crossroads at the col. However, last minute decided to take the left hand path and head down towards Siviez on a route we have not been on before. Lots of exploring new tracks this year.

Sunlit meadow off Bisse de Saxone

The route was steep in the beginning, then we had a lovely high plateau to walk through, before (after a very tasty flask of chicken soup) heading steeply down to the Bisse. Here we found raspberries to snack on and were also able to fill our water bottle. Headed off to the Edelweiss Bar for a well earned beer. When I was inside getting a top up, Mike saw a falcon fly down to the flower beds next to him, where he dropped his prey and then flew into the hotels plate glass window and stunned itself. Mike went over and picked the stunned bird up and brought it into the bar to show me.

The bird was about 10 inches long with a wingspan of about 18 inches. It has a yellow beak with piercing eyes. It was mottled brown on top and speckled brown and white underneath. Mike was gently stroking its head as it regained consciousness and started to flap its wings. Mike took it back outside and let it go.

It was such a beautiful bird and we were so lucky to be on hand to help it back on its way.

Happy husband, beautiful day, looking across to Birthday ridge hike