In the summer we wanted to visit Kodachrome, however, due to the water pump problems in the RV we had to cut our time short and did not get to visit the Park. Today’s forecast was cloudy in the morning and clearing by early afternoon with no wind and much warmer than yesterday. The weather forecaster earned his keep today, spot on. Thank goodness we trusted him and did not put on the extra layer of thermals as by the end of the hike I was down to minimal layers for decency!

So glad that we made the effort to visit Kodachrome. The contrast of colours, highlighted by a light dusting of snow, was truly beautiful.

Highlights of our experience were:

  • Indian Cave where handprints have been worn into the rock, it felt a very spiritual area,
  • Slipping and sliding in the mud where there was no snow to provide grip to our boots, then
  • Having a much needed cup of mint tea at Panorama Point, enjoying the views in the first hint of sun breaking through the clouds
  • Picnic lunch sitting on a log, in the sunshine under a wall of ochre cliffs. One of which looked like the profile of a Native American chief
  • Exploring the Secret Passage where we had a small loop trail winding through rock formations under the cliffs, crossing various small washes
  • Ballerina Point, just after the Hat Shop. A tall pinnacle which looked stunning from various angles 
  • Looking across to the Bryce Cliffs and The Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument shining in the sun
  • The grey sedimentary pipe just by the trailhead standing proud in the afternoon sunshine 

All in all a beautiful day.

Information Board at Trail Head on the Park Geology

See below for a video of our hike, press play to view

See below for a compilation of photos from our hike.