Looking down into the Canyon full of pinacles and hoodoos

We were very fortunate on our timing, a storm passed through a few days ago dumping some snow and we lucked out with bright blue skies. After checking in at Ruby’s a quick lunch and stressing about what kit to wear as it felt v. cold, we headed off into the park.

Mike at Bryce Point Lookout

First stop was Bryce Point, however all we could do here was admire the view from the lookout point as the trails were closed in account of ice. It was very cold and windy so was happy to retreat back to the pickup.

Next stop, Inspiration Point. Far less exposed and we were able to hike along the Rim Trail, enjoying the views and thinking about how different it looked from when we were here in the summer. Decided not to walk all the way to Sunset Point, rather headed back to the car and then drove round! Wanted to make the most of the light. 

Very happy we went to Sunset Point as we both agreed this was where we hiked with Mum and Dad when they joined us on our first visit to the Park back in the early 90’s. Abiding memory of that time was the vibrancy of the pink cliffs, free love in the backcountry and Mum and Dad putting up the tent they borrowed from us. Not the easiest task! But they were very proud when done.