View of Jax from the top of the tram

Another day of Spring Skiing at Jackson.  We had thought it would be colder than yesterday so I had extra thick thermals on and light tracksuit bottoms on under my padded red ski bottoms. What was I thinking! The crowds are way down and there was no line for the Tram. We decided to head up to the top of the mountain first off and boy was it warm when we got there. Mike only lasted about 5 minutes before starting to delayer! I was not far behind.

The snow off the top was in excellent condition, and buoyed by a good ski we decided to try an adventurous SW facing slope off Sublet. What a mistake. Icy and hard so we went into survival mode and decided to side slip down as we were uncomfortable with the exposure, rocks etc if we turned and edges didn’t hold. Took a bit of time but got down in one piece with my confidence intact. Maybe when I was younger I might have just gone for it- who knows. 

Lesson learned was to select slopes to ski down where the sun had had a chance to warm and soften the snow. We selected well on the next run we took, down the Hobacks, top 2 thirds were very good and the bottom third a bit crusty by still forgiving. No time for lunch today so Mike had to make do with muffins from breakfast and cereal bars, with some M&Ms thrown in for good measure.

Had a few fast runs down groomed slopes before meeting up with Clayton and a trip back up the tram. Great ski down to the bottom via South Hobacks, right over by the ski area boundary. Clayton had a ton of fun, his first time down the Hobacks this year. Snow still in good condition and had not started to transform with the afternoon chill. 

Few more groomers before calling it a day. Not quite as much vertical as yesterday (26,000ft) but more effort, per the guru in my watch! Mike felt like a bit of retail therapy and managed to get a really smart SWIX padded jacket for XC skiing in the sales, as well as a nifty T shirt which encourages hugs…!

Top quality bison burger, salad, beer to reward our hard work at Liberty Burger. Really liked it as I could have a burger without bread with just a salad. Mike declared it the best burger of our holiday which I have to agree with. Ended the evening off with a nice Irish whiskey – Gravediggers Single Malt.

Snow forecast for tomorrow so spring skiing over till Friday but looking forward to some fresh powder.