Early morning view of Tetons from Claytons

Spring skiing at its best today. Cold to start with, warming up by mid morning and lots of skiing (29,000ft). 

We had decided to spend a couple of nights back in The Super 8 at Jackson and use up the remaining days on our lift ticket. Headed off from Driggs before breakfast, so picked up a sesame bagel, hot from the oven, when we got to Wilson. Very tasty with honey walnut cream cheese. Kept me going till lunch, although Mike needed a mid morning cereal bar with our tea which fortunately I had secreted in the pack.

Must mention that just before leaving Clayton’s we saw a large moose on Rancheros Drive, his road. The neighbour came out and they had a bit of a stand off, with the moose giving way. I think it was to stop the moose from eating the new shoots on the trees in his garden. Then when we left we saw a moose calf wandering up the same road. Spring is definitely in the air despite all the snow still around.

Much colder than we expected first thing, even when we were above the temperature inversion which normally keeps the base area pretty chilly. Had one layer too few on, there was a sale in the sports store at the base, which also happened to be warm, so I got myself a very nice Patagonia top which will be perfect for XC skiing. Had our thermos of chicken curry soup in the café at the bottom before meeting up with Clayton for a few runs. Well, on the short walk to the lift I got so warm in my new extra layer that it had to come off as soon as we got in the gondola! Typical.

Anyway we had a great hour and a half with Clayton, skied fast and he showed us some new runs. I tried lifting my heels in my boots just as I went into the turn and it made my skiing much tighter with weight forward. Good practice drill. As the bumps were pretty hard and unforgiving we only did one long bump run. I was following last and to my surprise half way down I came upon Mike and Clayton lying side by side, head to toe, in the gully between 2 moguls… looked quite funny, sadly I didn’t have the camera. Anyway after that small collision we stayed on the groomers.

Dinner was ribs at Bubbas. A Jackson institution, although when we were last here it was on the other side of the street in a far more ramshackle building. Had very tasty ribs and plenty of them. Big night out as we then went to see Free Solo about Alex Honnold’s free solo climb of El Captain. Fantastic photography and very tense in places although we knew he was successful, so goodness knows how the film crew on the ground felt when they had been working with him for months. Enjoyed the film although felt they did overdo the interviews with people in advance about the potential for him falling and dying. However that did build the emotional connection with Alex and his girlfriend Sammi.