First dive of Indonesian holiday. Surface conditions not the best, raining and overcast with stiff breeze and a heavy swell. Thankfully only a short boat ride to the Jetty.

Had a bit of a challenge getting neutral buoyancy on the surface, first time I have not been heavy enough for ages! Had my 5mm suit on which meant I was a bit warm but better that than cold. Weights ended up at 7kg ( Mike was  5 kg).

At the start of dive there was a bit of a current which made it challenging to stop from bumping into the pillars, however this tailed off after about 10 min as we went deeper.

Notable spots were a range of frog fish, an eel in an old tyre, a small crab, lots of pipe fish, some shrimp, a lobster under a stone. Lovely views of lion fish resting on the pillars framed by the surrounding soft corals.

Long dive at c 70 min.

The photo compilation below includes photos from a dives we did at the Jetty in 2015 as well as on this occasion