Small black fish looking for cover in an anemone
Today we spent revisiting 2 dive sites in the Amuk Bay – Mimpang and Tepekong – which we last dived 2 years ago when we first visited Bali. Conditions today were perfect for diving, sunny, very little wind and a flat surface
Miping Dive 46 min, 29.6 m, 27 C


We were lucky to have this dive site to ourselves, we dropped into a shallow area of rubbly reef (looked largely dead) where we saw a few nudis and then made our way over to the reef wall which was striking in contrast as it was very vibrant and healthy. We were lucky to see a couple of white tip reef sharks, some cuttle fish and lots of schooling small fish (banner fish, yellow jacks, baby tuna and so on). We followed the side of the reef round to a point and it was noticeable how the water temperatures increased significantly as we went round the point and the visibility decreased with more particles in the water. A super dive with lots to look at, including the soft and hard corals.

Tepekong Dive 47 min,  30.8 m, 27C

Mike enjoying the surface interval break

There were a couple of other Dive boats at this site but we did not see many other divers underwater. On our last dive here Mike was swept off the reef by the current and so was a bit apprehensive and looking for a better experience – he came up very happy this time. The objective of this dive was to see some reef sharks in a cave and hunt for the Pygmy Seahorse which live on gorgonian coral (large red fan corals). This time we were not so lucky, but have included a photo from out previous dives here.

Pygmy seahorse from 2015 dive

We dropped in tight against the Western face of the island and headed along the wall to the cave. This was interesting diving as we were swimming with the surge, hold position when it goes against you and then make way as the surge pushed us forward from behind. Made (our divemaster) had told us he would explore the cave first and beckon us in if there were sharks there. Unfortunately Mike misread his signal (I was behind and could not see) so we both headed in. Not a great experience for me as I was caught by the surge twice and trapped (momentarily but it seemed for quite a long time) against the roof / wall of the cave entrance. Cut my fingers holding on to the rocks to try and hold position before I was able to make my way out, regroup and enjoy the rest of the dive.

No luck searching for the seahorse but we did have a lovely dive over the lettuce coral where there was a multitude of interesting reef fish which I tried with some success to video.  When the current started to get stronger and it became harder to hold our position we decided to go with the flow and had a very relaxing drift dive to end with.So although we did not see what we came for it was a successful dive and it’s good to increase our confidence diving in different types of current / surge and watching what our Dive master did.

Below is a compilation of photos from our dive, click play to look at them