Relaxing after our hike, G&T to come 
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Oregon Gulch Loop

  • Distance 18.59 km
  • Time 5 h 40 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 1860 m
  • Peak 2316 m
  • Climb 822 m
  • Descent 823 m
June 27, 2018 12:36 am
Hard frost overnight, beautiful looking over the meadow we are camping in to see a white frosting over everything.

New backpack

Decided to explore a trail from Oregon Gultch trailhead which was below the snowline. Also it was the first outing of my new Osprey backpack, looks very smart but is big – although not really any heavier than my existing pack. Got it as we needed space for bear canisters and kit for a planned 6 day backpack in Yellowstone. As it is probably did not need to get it with the change in our plans! Anyway it scored a 10 on comfort and I am very happy with it.

The first part of our hike was along slopes covered with early spring flowers bordering a river before climbing up to a pass with views of snow covered peaks in the distance. Heard a woodpecker but could not see him. Did see a red collared sun bird which was nice. We then headed gradually down on a knarly mountain bike trail, which eventually reached the river before heading inland and uphill for a ‘final sting in the tail’. Good day hike of about 14 miles.

Mike – Big Wood River

Needed a resupply so headed into Sun Valley where I picked up some lamb chops and salad stuff. Ever the Boy Scout Mike was able to make a BBQ in the fire pit at the site we are staying in (same place as last night as we liked it so much). Lovely evening sitting in the late afternoon sun drinking copious amounts of tea waiting for the coals to form from some wood we found and picked up. Dinner was excellent, beautifully cooked hickory smoked BBQ lamb and we both feel we are on holiday, although Mike has reminded me that we will need a chill day sometime!

A final postscript, just after showers and washing up the water pump stopped working. Calamity. Nothing had tripped so thought it may because the tanks were full (we are parked on a slight angle). So hot footed it to the NRA headquarters 10 miles down the road where there is a dump station whilst it was still light and did the necessary. All fixed so now we can have some peppermint tea and relax. Saw a couple of large storks in the evening light in a meadow next to the road

Devils Paintbrush and yellow dasies