Sundance Lake

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Hyndman Creek Track

  • Distance 17.28 km
  • Time 4 h 54 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 2130 m
  • Peak 3109 m
  • Climb 1024 m
  • Descent 1027 m
July 18, 2018 9:30 am

Spent the last couple of days chilling, doing admin, wilderness hair dye experience and getting over my cold. Moved a couple of spots from the site we used after our backpack to a much better (and flatter) site. The river ran past our ‘front door’ and it was nice to sit in the afternoon sun enjoying a beer, planning our hikes and watching the river from sitting in a meadow full of tall buttercups. One evening a large Mule deer came round to eat the flowers and we had great views of him from inside the RV

Cold morning so we had a slow start and did not get hiking until well after 10, however that included a hair raising drive along a very precipitous single track dirt road with a steep drop off to the river below. Mike did great.

The first couple of miles of our hike was through beautiful aspen glades, in a lovely broad valley, we spent some time walking with and chatting with a group of 4 other hikers before separating again just before the steep uphill section to the first lake started. Great camping spot which we have decided to revisit on a backpack later in the week.

We had planned on visiting the Ruby mountains in Nevada to do the Ruby Crest trail, much of which is round about 10,000ft. Have not been able to get any info on the trail including how much snow there might be. Given how beautiful the area we were walking in is, we decided on the hike to replace the Ruby trail with a couple of shorter trails in this area of the Sawtooths which in very Alpine in nature.

First lake, sarnie stop

After a cheese and jam sarnie at the first lake to fortify ourselves we hiked (slowly as the altitude was making itself felt) up to Sundance Lake which was stunning, but not as ideal to camp at. There was another lake a couple of hundred feet further up, however the trail was difficult to pick out with the residual snow pack so we missed it, went a couple of hundred feet higher where we could look down on it. Majestic peaks either side of us, which hopefully we will scramble up when we come back in a few days time. Bit cold and blowy so we headed back to Sundance Lake for a late lunch and then a quick route back down to the RV as we needed to get sorted for our backpack the next day. Still managed however to have a lovely BBQ dinner of pork steaks which were very tasty. The RV camping we are doing is much easier than being in a tent and it is wonderful to be in pristine wilderness but still be able to have a shower, nice fresh food and a comfy bed.