View from the Chainlink Bridge to the hotel where we stopped for coffee
It is a few days since my last blog. So here are some memorable highlights
  • getting a decent refund from Cruise America for our problems with the water feed without any hassles
  • testing out my new golf clubs at Mark’s golf Club Saddlebrook Ranch.  Very glad I bought them, played very nicely
  • seeing a roadrunner for the first time, with a lizard in its mouth. Think it was taking it to its nest, avoided a coyote as we were between it and said coyote in our golf cart!
  • bike ride with Mark and Elaine, early in the morning to try and get out ahead of the heat (partially successful). Followed up by a great breakfast
  • being happy spending time with old friends who we only see infrequently
  • heatwave in England. Thankfully Andy and Sue’s house was cool.
  • lovely day out with Andy and Sue on the Sunday we were there: walk  from Llangollen to the Chain Bridge Hotel on the Bridgewater Canal above the Dee River to the to head of the canal where the Waterfalls (weir) are used to divert water from the river to the Canal. This was followed on our return by a very nice pub lunch on the river in Llangollen. Lots of families were out enjoying the sun and playing in the river, alongside a group of large cows who had the same idea (cooling down in the river!)
  • going for a run along the Canal by A&S’s early in the morning before we headed down to Folkestone. Mike happy to catch England quarter final game
  • dinner at La Flambé, excellent as usual.
  • getting down to Nendaz and being happy to be here, despite the couple of days it takes us to get set up! First hike along the upper Bisse to Planochet