Big Horn Sheep foraging near Big Sky

Our plan was to spend a week downhill skiing at Big Sky given it is only a short drive north from West Yellowstone. Unfortunately, my cold decided to return with a vengeance and I was laid low for 3 days! Totally miserable, and it didn’t help that we had prepaid lift tickets, oh well live and learn!

We stayed at Bucks T4 Lodge just before the turn up to the Resort. It was very comfy and I was happy to spend the first day just hanging out in the room whilst Mike went and explored the tree skiing opportunities above Maidson Village. The run from Patrol Trees down Shaftway was a particular favourite which he spied out and resolved to take me on later in the week.

Sunday dawned bitterly cold but bright blue skies. Didn’t think it was a good idea to go skiing in sub zero F so we opted for a drive to Bozeman. Beautiful drive through a winding river valley with sections of steep cliffs framed by the snow. Best of all on our return we had our first ever sighting of 2 bighorn sheep close to the road. They were very obliging as I took some photos. Less so the other drivers who beeped at us as they passed even though we were well pulled over with our hazards on. Another picnic supper in the room. In fact we ended up eating in every night, fortunately Mike likes the picnics I prepare!

Monday morning and I decided it was time to get out for some skiing. Very cold -27F and if we had not pre-purchased my lift tickets you would never have seen me out on the slopes. Fortunately bottom of Maidson Village there was a nice lodge where we could warm up between runs. Quite spaced out from all the medicine and so stuck to Piste runs! Glad to finish and celebrate with a beer and tasty beef soup at the Lone Peak Brewery.

Tuesday saw me feeling much better and we decided to explore the area off Ramcarger 8, including the bumps down Mad Wolf into Elk Park Meadows. Was up and on my skis. Had our soup sitting outside on a terrace at the base enjoying the sun. Our last run was one I found through the trees off the top of the Southern Comfort lift. Really got my confidence up and had a lovely run down.

We had about 4 inches of fresh snow overnight and so decided to explore some of the tree runs above Maidson Village. What I really enjoyed was that even with the fresh powder, we could find untracked areas all day. The glades weren’t that busy and I was not worried about people skiing into the back of me. We were both really on our skis especially in the afternoon and very happy with our new K2s.

Last day, decided to head back to the ski runs round Southern Comfort and play in the trees as well as Mad Wolf again. Ended with some groomers where we both tried out little balance exercises and enjoyed the warm temperatures and spring skiing. 50F temp shift since Monday!

A great resort, have only explored a fraction of it and look forward to coming back next year now that I have purchased our IKON passes for 2020!