It is amazing to recollect that before we arrived in Moab I was a tad concerned about how we would occupy ourselves here! It was now our last day and I could have easily stayed longer.

We had both enjoyed our drive down Long Canyon into the Colorado River valley so decided that today we would do a different drive down into the bottom of Canyonlands taking the trail just by the park entrance, then a hike up to an arch outside the Park.

So happy we had decided to rent a car for our visit to this area, also that they had upgraded us to a 4 wheel drive (Mitsubishi Outlander) which had good clearance (8.5 inches) all of which we needed.

Schafer Road

The drive down to the junction with White Rim Road was on a good surface and the main challenge was some severe narrow hairpin bends. Fortunately no one was coming the other way! Views of the rockfaces / cliffs dropping down from the Island in the Sky Plateau for 1,000 feet were spectacular and jaw dropping. Really enjoy the different perspective from within the canyon.

At the junction we turned left and the road surface became a bit more challenging. We saw a number of tour groups in Jeeps heading the other way for their excursions. Glad we had chosen a self guided option as we could get out and stop when we wanted and just enjoy. I decided to get out and walk for a section where the road overlooked the Colorado and was banded on the other side by some massive red cliffs. Really gave me a feeling for the majesty of this landscape.

We found a spot for breakfast where the road passed close to a canyon dropping down into the Colorado. Very peaceful spot.

Saw the rock Tom Cruise climbs in the opening scenes for Mission Impossible 2. Also admired the aquamarine blue pools of the potash mining operations which looked somewhat out of place!

Link to detailed route page and map click on route title

Corona Arch - Moab

  • Distance 4.56 km
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 0.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 1209 m
  • Peak 1388 m
  • Climb 495 m
  • Descent 497 m
May 28, 2018 1:06 am
By now it was midday and we reached the trailhead for the Corona Arch. This is a very accessible hike up to a couple of arches (Bow Tie and Corona). It was nice to see a lot of families out enjoying the holiday. We sat in the shade of the Arch and assembled a couple of steak wraps for lunch just soaking up the views. Timed our hike back well as we just missed a sharp thunderstorm.

Then back to the campground to tidy up the RV, do our washing and work up some contingency plans as the Yellowstone trip we are planning  is in doubt due to higher than normal residual winter snow levels and strong meltwater runoff.

Here is a video of our adventures (also covers a previous drive from ….). Below is is a compilation of photos taken.

Compilation of photos, press play to view