Iconic scene of Monument Valley – on day 2 of our drive to Pheonix

There was a cool breeze blowing over the Goosenecks, so we had a comfortable nights sleep in the RV. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise and then rolled back over for another hours kip before getting up to watch the sun light up the cliffs over the deep gorge of the Goosenecks whilst having a cup of tea. What a special place. Had fruit and banana flapjacks with some maple syrup for breakfast. Yummy.

Big White Beastie

Got going by 8 and enjoyed the drive down to Monument Valley. Took some great pics from the public road and then headed on to Flagstaff where we had booked into the KOA campground, where we spent our first night in the RV all those weeks ago. The drive to Flagstaff was not that interesting after Monument valley and seemed to be much drier than when we drove North.

Spent the afternoon chilling in the campsite. Mike got on with the lengthy task of editing our numerous photos, he still has to get to the equally numerous video clips so having some down time to work on this is good. For my part I worked on planning our winter 2019 trip which we have decided to spend in Idaho and Utah.

Had hoped to go for a short walk in the forest adjacent to the campground, however the forest service has shut all the trails due to extreme fire danger. Likewise we will grill our steaks in the Frying Pan tonight as the BBQ pits are shut to reduce fire risk. Indicative that It was a dry winter here. Even so the campsite we have is nice, shaded under large pine trees with a gentle breeze blowing to cool things down.

Although no go for a BBQ we are still having steak, sweet potato and corn for dinner.

Looking back into the morning sun