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Wissembourg Loop

  • Distance 66.96 km
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 0.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 109 m
  • Peak 251 m
  • Climb 522 m
  • Descent 522 m
August 8, 2018 6:21 pm
Last day of our short cycle break. Originally we had planned to stay in Wissembourg for a few days and do 3 loops  link to interactive map of routes in Alsace  From the town (see links here for the trail we did, but did not follow exactly link to cycle map and description ). However, with the heat wave we decided to cancel our booking as we could not face staying somewhere without air con. When we got back to the car today in the late afternoon the temperature displays were reading 41C in the town, so I think that was a wise choice.

Swans in the shallow Delta water

Instead we extended our stay in the Athena to do one of the rides which followed the Rhine up to Lauterbourg before heading inland towards Wissembourg. We decided to start the ride at Seltz to give us the option of shortening the day if we wanted by missing out Beinheim. We did, which unfortunately meant we missed some of the Rhine riding. From Seltz it was a short peddle to the old border post with Germany at a ferry crossing of the Rhine, which is now an info centre! We then had a very short stretch along the Rhine, went (mistakenly) on a gravel path along the banks of the Sauer Delta Nature reserve which gave us lovely views but then had to turn back as the road reached a dead end where the spit we were cycling along ended!  At Munchhausen we crossed over the Delta outflow into the Rhine and it was clear how the heatwave and lack of rain is taking a toll as the river levels were very low. The track then followed the banks of the Rhine, primarily through a forest so we only caught tantalising glimpses of the River.

Time for a coffee at Lauterbourg and we then crossed into Germany and took the Lauter Valley route through beautiful forests and then into winelands to Schweigen Rechtenbach where we had identified a traditional German Restaurant and winery for lunch Weingut Jeulg restaurant link  had a meal of sausages and meat, which was lovely, but no greens which as it was a ‘salad’ we were half expecting. A bottle of their Rose complemented the meal very nicely.

A small back alley in Wissembourg

Glad it was largely downhill into Wissembourg, which was a beautiful town and worthy of a future stay and explore. Very sharp hill to climb outside the town in what were by now very hot temperatures. Thankfully once we reached the ridge line we had a really beautiful cycle down through Alscasce villages on some minor roads. Made the up worth it!

Both agreed to shorten our cycle as we had thought we would, and picked up some wine, salad, cheese and ham for a picnic back in our hotel room which we thoroughly enjoyed after cooling down in the hotel pool.

Below is a compilation of some more photos from our ride. Press the play button to see them.