Picture I like from Monument Valley at the end of our road trip 

We left Mark and Elaine on Friday the 19th and after a stop off for more clothes purchases we headed back to Phoenix to pick up the RV and drop off the hire car.

We found the RV centre no problem and after a short introduction to the features of the RV we loaded up all our kit and headed back to the airport to drop off the hire car. (Note to self: great not to learn how to dump pooh – that remained in Mikes hands for the whole trip!).  As Jacqui was not insured to drive the hire car she had first go at driving the RV which by the way is 25fl long, 10ft wide and 12ft high!

Having got the route to the hire return up on her phone off we set.  Although around 1430 the highway was busy and Jacqui found she has trouble seeing the route on the phone as well as the GPS signal being lost. Being a resourceful lass she headed for the airport and picked up the signs to the hire car return. Mike following was a bit confused as why we went round the houses and Jacqui was struggling to keep lane discipline as we explored parts of Phoenix we had not intended to go to!.

Having dropped off the car we headed into the Phoenix traffic which was already quite busy at 1530, and negotiated our way out of Town and headed for Flagstaff KOA.

Both found driving the RV took a bit of getting used to, glad we have lots of good music to play to drown out the rattles! The RV does not really come equipped with much, except a broom! Unless you buy a provisioning kit to get you the basics. However, Mark and Elaine were kind enough to lend us some things and Walmart is a great source of good value kit.

The RV is plenty spacious enough for the 2 of us and we are glad we went for the larger model as it has a lot of storage for all our backpacking kit in the external storage area. Cooking area is tiny so need to be organised, but plan on having lots of brais. First meal was trusty go to fresh pasta with lots of veg.