View across Morgarten pastureland

Today was a hard day’s cycle 900m of elevation and 60km. Glad we didn’t have panniers! 

Woke up to another misty morning but as we were starting our ride by climbing up the pass / ridge behind Schwyz to Lake Agerisee  we weren’t that worried. Expected the mist to quickly dissipate, as was the case, as we climbed away from Lake Luzern.

Our initial route retraced the end of yesterdays ride along the southern shore of Lake Lauerz before heading off on our climb. Beautiful views of Grosser and Kleiner Mythen peaks which tower over Schwyz. Also passed some lovely small churches in the hamlets /villages we passed through.

The climb was hard work about 350m on a fairly steep unrelenting gradient over the Morgarten Pass. It was also was quite hot and humid. Had our jam sarnie close to the top and admired a hawk flying above us as well as a smart bronze train which sped by. One more short sharp up at Eggel (814m) and then after half a Twix we were over the top and into lumpy pastureland leading down to the lake.

Found a lovely café overlooking the lake by Morgarten where they were kind enough to fit us in for a quick coffee despite being full for lunch. It is The Federal Thanksgiving Holiday today and the restaurant had pretty harvest festival themed table decorations – as well as a carriage and various stuffed animals on more permanent display.

The café was just next to the Morgarten monument the site of a battle in 1315 between the Austrian Hapsburg occupying forces and the Swiss Confederacy. The 3 Swiss forest cantons won and so cemented an alliance which formed the core of modern Switzerland. The link below provides more fascinating details.

We did not realise the historical significance  of the area we were cycling through and just enjoyed the tranquillity of a beautiful ride on relatively quiet roads. Had not studied the map that closely and thought I was cycling along a plateau rather than the shore of a lake! Did not compute that this lake was significantly higher than lake Zug – so felt a bit confused and disoriented!

Past the lake some more climbing to get over a rise before dropping down to Zug. Both pretty hungry and had our picnic lunch in a field overlooking Zug Lake 300m below us. Zug has a charming old town which we cycled through and then with a slight wind from behind we made fast time round the lake – until we spied another café where coffee / beer / ice cream had our name on them.

Suitably refreshed we continued our ride round the lake to Arth and followed the same route back to our hotel from there as yesterday

All in all a really good ride, beautiful day and feel like I have earnt our dinner tonight – back at the Chinese. Press play below for a screenshow of our photos from both rides and below that a video of our ride.

Link to detailed route page and map click on route title 


Schwyz day 2 loop

  • Distance 61.000 km
  • Time 3 h 18 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 414.000 m
  • Peak 822.000 m
  • Climb 895.000 m
  • Descent 895.000 m
October 13, 2020 4:53 pm